The story of Ricksha Radio begins at 8:00 pm EST on February 9th, 1964. It was “the night that launched a thousand bands” and changed music and popular culture forever as a five-year-old kid from Vermont and the rest of the nation tuned in to watch The Ed Sullivan Show and experience The Beatles for the first time.

At that very moment, young Bob Dimick knew exactly what he wanted to do with the rest of his life and a musical journey began that continues to this day, shows no sign of abating and actually seems to intensify with time.

Bob’s songwriting is the core and constant force behind Ricksha Radio. A passion for music and the great outdoors are the core and constant forces behind Bob.

Whether it’s  50 ‘ up on a chairlift while skiing, poaching a mountain bike trail in the summer or hiking the mountains of Northern Vermont and New Hampshire in the spring and fall with his best friend and dog, Sheree, the songwriting never stops because inspiration is everywhere.

Of course, inspiration can be found in the piano and recording studios as well. The result is a rock & roll delivery system called Ricksha Radio, featuring as many great friends and musicians as each song requires.

So the next time you hear a great, classic rock tune that you swear you’ve heard before yet can’t quite place and wonder how on earth you missed it – don’t beat yourself up - it’s probably Ricksha Radio.