The chorus in "Rather Be A Fool" is fantastic. The melody bursts into the air and makes the listener want to throw their hands up and sing along.” - Zachary Larson

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After 9 years of radio silence, Ricksha Radio is back and better than ever with their upcoming track “Hideaway”... a refreshing take on synth/pop and electronica, and we can’t wait to hear more!” - Independent Artist Buzz
Overall, "Undone" doesn’t carry a single dull moment throughout, a testament to the composition and effort that Dimick displays. It’s a compelling song that has it’s more lighthearted moments but still carries themes of “why would someone do this”, and how every action will carry consequences.” - Alex Dungworth

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Ricksha Radio bursts onto the scene with what may arguably be one of our most exciting debut tracks from an artist that we have seen in a long time.” - Modern Mystery
After a second listen, it's clear that "Undone" is not trying to be anything in particular. It is its' own massive world of ideas and variation. Overall, "Undone" by Ricksha Radio is so intriguing and performed so virtuosically that it has no problem keeping listeners hooked for twelve minutes.” - Zachary Larson

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